Welcome to thesmartster.com.

My name is June and  I am a proud official distributor of Richway products.

I was first introduced to Richway thesmartster August 2012.  I am an insurance agent and was doing canvass calls in a hot summer day.  I went into a store and the women there were very friendly and invited me to sit down. I thought they were interested in purchasing insurance. However, it was a Richway trial center, and they just wanted me to try the mat. Well, it was a well-conditioned room, and surprisingly the heated mat felt so nice, so I did not mind lying on the mat.  I ended up purchasing a professional mat.  When she feels tired and painful, she lies on the mat.  In a couple of hours her pain is reduced and she has more energy to move around. 

Christine thanks me for getting the mat for her and I hope I can help many people like her who are in constant pain by introducing this mat to them.  Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.  The telephone number is 888-650-4710 and the email address is richwaymat@gmail.com.

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