Why thesmartster.com?

The keys to success are building a loyal customer base, ensuring that products and services meet customer needs, having an ongoing competitive intelligence system, having effective and efficient sales/distribution channels and building new business around current customers. It means building an independent relationship with the customer in which each relies on the other for business solutions and successes. This is building a customer community with a long-term strategic relationships.

• A New Chanel for driving traffic

In today's competive arena, we cannot afford to only operate as a retail company. Being competive today requires a renewed focus on building long-term relation with customers. Establishing new channels can provide revenue opportunities that you are not currently capturing. They should be a trading exchange, wholesale, value-added resale, a new distribution networks, or direct selling, etc.

• New Customers

A side effect of establishing a new channel is the ability to reach alternative customers that you are not currently serving effectively. You might reach other geographies or other customer types. It allows to search the registries, presumably for the purpose of finding compatible business partners. Recognize that it is a real person within the account who is the buyer, decision-maker, influencer, etc. of your product. JobberStreet have made the process of finding new business partners a lot easier than it was ever before.

• New Information products

B2B marketplace may capture data previously not available, such as through supplier, channel, product, or customer information. The package of this data may provide another product to sell. It provides a repository of information to generate more useful information in the future, such as identification of vendor issues. Gather information about customers through repeated contacts with them and identify shared values from this information

• Higher customer satisfaction

By having a better relationship with customers, you can have more loyal customers. You might offer rich customer value with the best information, higher quality, most variety, etc. Develop a communication and contact plan that delivers value at every point of contact with the individual and cultivate the customer, which leads to building the relationship.

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